Friends praying

Faithful friends

" ... that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith." Romans 1:12


True friends stay with us through the good and the bad, they encourage us in our faith walk and point out when we go wrong. For three boys, they’re learning how important friendships like these really are.

Elmer, Angel and Cristian attend different schools, but through their Compassion project they’ve become firm friends.

“We became friends five years ago. Angel and Cristian are with me in the good and the bad times. We tell each other our problems and we support and encourage each other. We share our secrets too.” says Elmer.

The boys met during a Bible study held at the project and this is something that’s become central to their friendship. “We like to come [to the Compassion project], we like to learn more about God’s word and have a good time,” explains Cristian.

For Angel, he has noticed the difference between Cristian and Elmer, and his friends at school. “My friends from school are different. Cristian and Elmer are fun and help me understand more about the Bible and the parts that I can’t understand.”

When they’re not studying together, the boys use every opportunity to play football.

Prayer: Heavenly father, thank you for the friendship between these boys. Today help us to be a source of encouragement to our friends and those around us.



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