Sewing business

Sewing a better future

"Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good. His love endures forever." Psalm 136:1


“If I hadn’t been part of a Compassion Child Survival project I would have never have known I had a talent for sewing. I found that sewing is fun,” says Afni.

Afni lives in a small village on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. She was registered into a Child Survival project when she was expecting her daughter and it was here she learnt how to sew. This sparked a passion in Afni and she began sharing her sewing skills with the other mums in the project. Teaching gave her the confidence to set up her own tailoring business.

“I learnt that, as a tailor, I needed to know how to draw patterns. Sometimes I see a pattern in a magazine or see the clothes that sell in stores and it inspires me to create my designs. I really enjoy what I am doing now, because what I do is something I love,” Afni explains.

On the island where Afni lives store-bought clothing is very expensive, therefore her tailoring skills are in high demand and her business is growing. With a second source of income, Afni and her husband have been able to make much needed repairs and an extension to their home.

“I can only say thank you to the [Compassion] project members. Through the Child Survival Programme I have been equipped with life skills that have helped me improve my life. I have self-confidence to build social relationships in my community; it is also impacting my spiritual life. I will never forget to be grateful to God, because His love is never ending.”

Prayer: Loving Lord, thank you for the amazing gifts and talents you’ve put in each of us. Thank you for women like Afni who are being lifted out of poverty and given a better future.


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