Friends in Nicaragua

The answered prayers of a 9-year-old

"This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us." 1 John 5:14


Nine-year-old Maria used to watch longingly as friends passed her house in Nicaragua, heading to the Compassion project. “I felt like crying when I saw my friends walk in front of my house on their way to the project. There was something in me that wanted to go there!” recalls Maria.

She begged her mum to take her, but the project wasn’t taking new registrations. Although Maria and her parents weren’t Christians, her mother encouraged her to pray.

Months turned into years, but Maria kept petitioning God.

Finally Fredysvinda, Maria’s mum, was able to give her daughter the news she’d been waiting for: a space was available at the project. “When I gave the news to Maria, she jumped with joy and cried from the emotion.”

Maria began attending the project with great enthusiasm. “I don’t know why I wanted to be in the project, but I knew I wanted to learn more about God´s word. It was at the project where I found out that God was someone great and strong! At the project I feel super good. I know a lot more about God than before. I feel more inspired. I tell the Lord that I delight in His presence.”

Shortly after joining the project, Maria presented a second request to God, asking him for a sponsor. “All of my friends had sponsors except me, so I asked God for a sponsor every day and asked my friends to help me pray,” explains Maria.

This time Maria only had to wait a few months before the answer came: someone had sponsored her!

“I always pray for my sponsor, and I’m sure my God has him well,” says Maria, who is eagerly awaiting her first letter.


Prayer: Loving Father, thank you that you hear our prayers. Thank you that in everything, your timing is perfect.


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