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5 reflections on God’s outrageous love

Compassion Ambassador Noel Robinson shares his thoughts.


Compassion Reflection

5 reflections on God’s outrageous love

Compassion Ambassador Noel Robinson shares his thoughts.

Last week we caught up with singer and worship leader, Noel Robinson. We love Noel’s infectious enthusiasm for worship and his reflections on God’s outrageous love:

1. Love is what knits God’s people together

A church that is worshipping God will be moved by the things God is moved by. When we give up on ourselves or other people, His love is there, it remains. Whether you live in a village or a palace, God’s love can find you.

The theme of my new album "Outrageous Love" came out of lots of experiences. Ultimately my motive was: how do I engage a church in worship to God?

2. God doesn’t love like us

God loves us unconditionally, but in our humanness, we like conditions. We love what we like, we love what doesn’t hurt, and we love what doesn’t fail us. But as Christians the only way we can love like God is because He has loved us.

To think that Jesus dying on the cross all those years ago, He died for every sin that is to be committed until the end of time – that’s the power of His love. He would stand in proxy for people who aren’t even born yet. We can just call on His name and be forgiven. It’s outrageous love.

3. God’s love carries us on a journey

It doesn’t matter where the journey of life has taken you. Maybe you’ve come from a broken place. His love will find you whether you live in a country house or whether you sleep in a doorway. I’ve messed up so many times, but His love and His grace has kept me. Sometimes as Christians we can forget just how outrageous His love is.

4. God’s love causes us to respond

We all worship differently and we may respond to God’s love differently. We may dance. We may be solemn or quiet. But God says, “Love me with all you heart mind and soul,” so our response isn’t meaningless.

It also has to be a response to God’s love when we reach out to others around the world whose portion might be poverty.

5. Let’s use what we have to express God’s love to others

We are custodians of His love and we can make simple decisions which can change everything for someone. There’s an old gospel song that goes, If I can help somebody, as I pass along, then my living shall not be in vain.” That’s why I love child sponsorship as one response of many, to God’s love. I wrote a song on the new album called “I am blessed to be a blessing,” because I want my life to be a blessing to someone else.

Noel Robinson with his sponsored jar

I’ve made a decision to support Ivan from Uganda. It’s a simple decision but it may change his life, his children’s and his children’s children’s lives, forever. He might bring change to his family, his community and even his country.

Sometimes the simplest of decisions bring about the most incredible change.

Noel’s album Outrageous Love draws from his experiences over the last few years, including a trip to Uganda with Compassion.




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