7 reasons to smile

Seriously adorable photos of babies who are happy and healthy thanks to your support …


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7 reasons to smile

Seriously adorable photos of babies who are happy and healthy thanks to your support …

Through the Compassion Child Survival Programme every child is known and loved from the beginning and protected for the future. This makes for some very happy babies.

My tummy isn't hungry.

Rwandan mother and baby


Around the world, 1 in 6 children are malnourished. Thanks to the Child Survival Programme, little Redempta isn’t one of them because of the nutritious food parcel her mum Anqelique receives.


I arrived safely.

Sleeping baby in Kenya


When Zipporah arrived early, his mum Colleta received support from a trained Compassion healthcare assistant. This isn’t the case for all mums. In sub-Saharan Africa, 60 per cent of women give birth without a skilled attendant.


I'm healthy.

Smiling baby in Bolivia


At her Child Survival project Luz receives at least two health check-ups a year and important vaccinations. This means she’s protected from diseases such as measles, pneumonia and polio.


My mum can support me.

Smiling baby in Thailand


Baby Tien has been given a better chance in life, thanks to the literacy classes her mum, Wongduan receives through the programme. Studies show that the literacy of a mother is key to reducing child mortality.*


I’m protected while I sleep.

Baby with mosquito net in Uganda


In a world where a child dies from malaria every two minutes**, little Thomas is protected thanks to a mosquito net provided by the local-church based project.


I'm a graduate.

Compassion Child Survival Programme Graduation Ethiopia


These three cuties now have the opportunity to join the Child Sponsorship Programme where they will continue to receive love and support as they grow. Thanks to the investment Mesay and his friends received in their early years, they’re already developmentally ahead of their peers. 


I have the chance to learn and grow.

Baby in Indonesia


Each Child Survival project is a vibrant and safe place where children can be children. Thanks to the programme every child has the chance to play with lots of exciting toys and games, helping their cognitive development.

Though, they still need a lesson on sharing!


Babies stealing toys in Ghana


Find out more about our Child Survival Programme >


*Effect of Maternal Literacy on child health: Myth or Reality
** World Health Organisation Statistics 2015

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Compassion UK

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