Christmas with Compassion

11 joyful Christmas photos to warm your heart

What actually happens at a Compassion Christmas party?


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11 joyful Christmas photos to warm your heart

What actually happens at a Compassion Christmas party?

All over the world, Compassion projects are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Lights are being hung, presents are being wrapped and nativities are being rehearsed. So what actually happens at a Compassion Christmas party? Here’s some of our favourite joyful Christmas photos to give you a behind-the-scenes peek …

Christmas presents in El Salvador

In El Salvador, project director Mercedes shares, “They were all asked what they wanted for Christmas and they all agreed they wanted shoes. Even though they already knew they were getting shoes, that didn’t take away the excitement of unwrapping a present. Also, what they didn’t know is that we added extra stuff inside their shoebox to make it more special.”

joyful Christmas in Indonesia

“Christmas is when my family and I gather to sing and pray to celebrate Jesus’ birthday,” beams Ria, a Compassion-sponsored child in Indonesia. “I’m so proud to read the Bible in the Mongondow language. I even memorised some verses in the local language.” 

tug of war in Tanzania

It’s time to play tug of war in Tanzania! Who will win this epic battle?

Thai girl with blanket

In Thailand, a little girl named Beauty lives on the side of a mountain where it gets very cold and windy in the evenings. To help keep her warm at night, her Christmas present was an extra-large blanket.

joyful Christmas party in Ecuador

At the Monte de Sion project in Ecuador, the staff bake a cake and all the children sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. 10-year-old Gabriel shares, “I liked the gifts at this Christmas party and they painted my face too. They gave me the face of a dog. I like dogs.”

joyful Christmas photo in Colombia

Who doesn’t love new clothes for Christmas!

Christmas cards in Thailand

Cards are hand-delivered to excited children who eagerly read seasonal greetings from their sponsors. 

Christmas Piñata in Guatemala.

In Guatemala, children take turns at hitting a festive piñata.

Christmas party Ecuador

The annual dress-up competition in Ecuador is fiercely fought but these little cuties are all winners.


Christmas present in Bolivia

In Bolivia, this young boy is not letting his Christmas present of food out of his sight.

Christmas presents in Tanzania

These children in Tanzania are delighted to receive much-needed new clothes. 

Thanks to generous donations to Compassion’s Christmas Fund, nearly 2 million Compassion-supported children will be blessed this Christmas with gifts hand-picked just for them. A huge thank you to everyone that donated this year! 


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