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How to pray for your sponsored child

Download a free bookmark that will inspire you to pray.


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How to pray for your sponsored child

Download a free bookmark that will inspire you to pray.

‘I’m praying for you.’ This is something I write in my letters to Austine, my sponsored child, but how often do I actually set aside regular time to pray for him?

Maybe praying for your sponsored child comes easily to you. If so, that’s fantastic. But maybe it doesn’t. Maybe you need a place to start or, like me, you need a reminder to pray?

This week we’re setting aside time to intentionally pray for our sponsored children in seven key areas. Will you join us?

Prayer is a fantastic way to encourage the child you sponsor. And as a thank you and an encouragement, we’ve designed a beautiful prayer bookmark for you.

Download yours for free >


Day 1: Education

Girls in education


As a sponsor, you’re helping provide the fees and uniforms your sponsored child needs to go to school. Pray they will thrive in the classroom and work hard in their classes. Pray also for strength and energy for their teachers, that they have time to dedicate to each child.


Day 2: Health and wellbeing

Health check in Kenya


Thanks to your support, every Compassion-supported child received two medical and dental check-ups each year. Pray for good health for your sponsored child, for their physical and emotional well-being. If you’re aware of any medical needs your sponsored child has pray for their continued care and recovery.

You can also get involved in praying for health and well-being of Compassion-supported children all over the world through our daily prayer points and fortnightly prayer emails.


Day 3: The Compassion project and staff

Compassion project


Your sponsored child attends their church-based project every week. Here they have a safe environment to learn and develop. Pray for energy and for the staff at your sponsored child’s project. Ask for God’s protection over the staff and volunteers as they encounter difficult and challenging situations and for wisdom as they respond.

Discover what your sponsored child is learning at their project through our country pages.


Day 4: Community

Mum and daughter


Visit myCompassion to find out more about the community and country where your sponsored child lives. Pray for the specific challenges that community faces. If your sponsored child lives in an area prone to natural disasters, pray for God’s protection and give thanks for Compassion’s RESPOND fund which provides emergency assistance in these situations.


Day 5: Family

Mum and daughter reading the Bible


Lift up the family of your sponsored child. Ask for God’s provision and protection over them. Your sponsored child may not come from a Christian home, therefore pray their parents, caregivers and siblings will come to know and receive the love of Christ.


Day 6: God’s love

Boys running the Philippines


At their Compassion project, each child receives age-appropriate Bible teaching. Pray Psalm 139:14 over your sponsored child, pray they will know they are fearfully and wonderfully made, and that they are loved unconditionally.


Day 7: Their future

School in Burkina Faso


Poverty robs children of their hopes and dreams. Counter this by praying for boldness, that your sponsored child won’t be afraid to dream big dreams and for God to use them mightily.

If your sponsored child is over the age of 12, they’ll have started identifying their strengths and interests though ‘My Plan for Tomorrow.’ Pray for them as they begin setting goals for their future. Why not ask them about it in your next letter?

Thank you so much for joining us in prayer! Your prayers and encouragement will make an incredible difference in the life of your sponsored child. 


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Emily Laramy

Compassion International

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