Holding a photo from her sponsor

Send a photo to your sponsored child!

Sponsored children tell us why they love your photos and letters.


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Send a photo to your sponsored child!

Sponsored children tell us why they love your photos and letters.

Step into the home of a Compassion-supported child and it’s not unusual to find a picture of their sponsor proudly displayed on the wall, or tucked away in a box with their most precious possessions.

Just as we love receiving a new picture of our sponsored children, they also get excited when they receive a photo of us.

Here’s just a few ways your photos are bringing joy …



Jackline in Ecuador has made a frame for her sponsor’s photo. Knowing there’s a family across the world that cares and prays for her has boosted her confidence.


Joel holding a photo of his sponsors


Joel delights in his two sponsors. With his big smile you’d never guess that Joel was malnourished when he joined the Compassion programme.


Sponsored girl in Burkina Faso holding photo


In Burkina Faso, Tiendrebeogo loves the photo of the youth group who sponsor her. Through their letters, they share about the similarities and differences between their schools, hobbies and favourite foods.


Sponsored child Jennylin holding letters from her sponsor


Jennylin lives with five other family members in this one room house in the Philippines. Her sponsor’s words of encouragement have been particularly important, “They always write to me and I always write to them. They’ve stuck with me all this time and I appreciate that so much.”


Yellssa holding a photo of her sponsors


Yellssa considers her sponsors more as friends. She takes very good care of their photo as it’s the only one she has of them.


Nuria reading letters from her sponsor


10-year-old Nuria treasures the photos and cards she receives from her sponsor. “They send me cards for my birthday and since I tell them about my cats, they send me cards with cats.”


Alcha from Burkina Faso holding letters from her sponsor


Alcha in Burkina Faso keeps all her letters and photographs safely in a shoe box. She has built a beautiful friendship with her sponsor. Soon she will need a bigger box to store her letters!


Vladmir holding sponsor letters


13-year-old Vladimir proudly shows off his letters with the latest photo of his sponsor.


Watson from Kenya reading sponsor letters


Watson keeps his letters safely in a green folder and is often found flipping through, re-reading the words of love and encouragement.


Nathnael from Ethiopia reading sponsor letters


Nathnael and his grandmother keep his letters and photographs safely in an old leather bag. “His sponsor might come one day and I want to show them proudly that we have each of their letters. For me it’s a way of respect,” says Nathnael’s grandmother.


Thanks to our brand new photo cards, it’s even easier to send your sponsored child your latest photo and a message. Why not send one today? 


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Emily Laramy

Compassion International

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