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Take courage

Our ambassadors share their wisdom on speaking out for the poorest.


Compassion Unpacked

Take courage

Our ambassadors share their wisdom on speaking out for the poorest.

People all over the country will be sharing their heart for justice and children this Compassion Sunday and we’re excited to be part of their journey. We know that speaking in public can be scary so here are some top tips from our Compassion Ambassadors!

Could you give us three top tips for overcoming nerves?

Jeff Lucas: Find a friendly face in the audience to focus on, or look to the back of the audience, but always look out at the audience.

Tom Elliott: Aim to communicate just one message, i.e. you change their life, they change yours — everything else supports that one message. Tell a personal story and practise telling it several times. Finally, use aids — PowerPoint images / stories etc. to help you remember the following point.

Libby Redman: Remind yourself how awesome our God is. Remind yourself of who you are in Christ and then remind yourself why you are doing what you're about to do.


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How do you feel before going on stage or speaking in front of people?

Nathan Beaton: It’s a privilege to work with Compassion and share the heart of the organisation, so, before going on stage and sharing the plea I always feel a real weight and sense of importance about the task at hand. After all, being able to release children from poverty is far greater than our music.

Tom Elliott: Always excited. Always a little nervous. I want to give my best!

What would you say to someone who is thinking about running a Compassion Sunday event but is nervous of speaking in front of people?

Libby Redman: I would say, go for it! If you're nervous then take this as an opportunity to be an overcomer and let God help you beat those nerves! Sometimes the stage can be scary for people because as humans we may worry what people may say or think of us, but the reality is that there are much more important things to be concerned with, like enabling poverty-stricken children to survive another day. Our image isn't really important, the change we are willing to help make for Jesus is.

Pete McAllen: If you are passionate for a cause as amazing as Compassion, then people listening will be inspired by you. Your passion will show through any fears of not doing a good job. Most people are nervous about public speaking, but by you speaking out, you never know how many lives could be changed.

Angie Lendon: Be yourself, remember to breathe and share from your heart the topic you're speaking on.


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Why do you think Compassion Sunday is important?

Pete McAllen: It highlights to the Church issues of justice, and gives the Church an amazing opportunity to put action behind their words.

Tom Elliott: We pray "Your Kingdom Come, Your will be done" all the time. Raising awareness of Compassion helps us to take responsibility for that prayer!

Kate: Most Christians have considered sponsoring a child themselves at some point. And yet lots of them haven’t done it. Compassion Sunday is a chance for them to be reminded about it, to find out some more information, to hear from people who do sponsor about why it’s a good thing, and to pray and think about their own response. It’s not a massive hard-sell/guilt-trip, but it does give them chance to think about whether they want to do this – and perhaps the nudge they need to sign up.


What would you say to our supporters who run a Compassion Sunday event?

Jeff Lucas: BIG thanks to everyone who has/is running an event on behalf of Compassion. As we have visited projects in both India and Ethiopia, we have seen first-hand the great and vital work that Compassion does alongside local churches. Whatever you can do will help to make difference. Thank you.

Tom Elliott: Thank you for stepping out! If just one more child is sponsored because of your event, heaven celebrates!

Angie Lendon: To every church missions team and volunteer, thank you for your continued commitment to the work of Compassion. To the sponsors, you truly do make a difference. Without you so many children would miss opportunities to become all that God intended them to be.

Take courage and speak out for the poorest of the poor this Compassion Sunday.


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Thanks to our Compassion Ambassadors for sharing their wisdom with us!

Credits to:
Jeff Lucas, international author, speaker and broadcaster,
Tom Elliott, comedian, evangelist and creative communicator,
Pete McAllen, worship leader and music artist,
"Gospel singing sensation" Libby Redman,
Nathan Beaton from rock band Written in Kings,
Songwriter and musician Angie Lendon,
Vicar of St. George’s Everton, Liverpool, and Area Dean of Liverpool North, Kate Wharton.


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