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What type of speaker are you?

Take our fun quiz and discover your speaking style!


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What type of speaker are you?

Take our fun quiz and discover your speaking style!

With less than a month to Compassion Sunday, take our fun quiz to find out what type of presenter you are. 

1) How do you feel when it’s time to prepare your talk?

a. Planning is key! I want to do my research well.

b. I already know what to say so I’ll just scribble a few reminders.

c. Boring! Can’t I just wing it?


2) You’ve been asked to do a group presentation. How do you feel about it?

a. Sure, I’ll research it and pass on my findings to the team.

b. No thanks, I prefer to do this sort of thing on my own.

c. Brilliant! Someone else can do the writing and I’ll win the crowd over.


3) When talking you focus on …

a. Clarity. Let’s keep it clear and don’t forget to give context.

b. Making my opinion known.

c. Keeping the audience entertained.


4) You and some friends organise a surprise party. What role do you take?

a. Logistics manager. Smooth planning to keep the stress at a minimum please.

b. Party host. It’s important to make people feel welcome.

c. Games organiser. A little bit of a competition will get things going.


5) Your main concern when presenting is …

a. Remembering all the facts.

b. Convincing people to care about your topic.

c. Not sending people to sleep …


6) Being introduced to someone new makes you feel ...

a. I don’t even like thinking about it.

b. Nervous. What if we have nothing in common?

c. Energised. Bring it on!


7) You’ve been asked to teach a class how to cook your signature dish. How do you conduct the lesson?

a. Write detailed instructions and give additional help as necessary.

b. Demonstrate first, then get the students to copy.

c. Explain why this dish is a culinary masterpiece to get people interested and then get everyone to give it a go.


8) Your talk is over but there’s a Q&A slot …

a. I’m sure the answers are somewhere in my notes …

b. Bring it on. I’m confident.

c. I’ll distract them with some jokes if I don’t know the answer.



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Mainly a: You're an informative speaker.

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You value context and unbiased information. When listening to other speakers, you get frustrated when they include a lot of emotional ‘fluff’ and prefer people to get to the point. You believe a successful presentation is based on the quality of the preparation. Your audience will find you easy to understand and will certainly learn something new from your talk. Try not to overwhelm people with the facts (make sure you use slides sparingly!) and remember to include why you feel passionate about this topic.


Mainly b: You're a persuasive speaker.

Follow the leader


A natural leader and public speaker, this is your bag. You understand how people think and are able to present the right combination of information with a charisma that makes it easy for people to listen to you. When you feel passionate about what you’re talking about you can be very convincing, but don't forget data to back up your points!


Mainly c: You're an entertaining speaker.

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If people have to sit still and listen to you for a period of time, you might as well make it entertaining for them, right? Your friends love hanging out with you because you make them laugh and feel good - you’re a natural storyteller! Use your strong rapport to share your passion, but make sure you don’t get so caught up in winning the crowd that you forget to tell them the point of your talk. 

Whatever your speaking style, use your voice to change children's lives this Compassion Sunday.

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