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Where are they now?

Does child sponsorship work? 11 Compassion graduates share how they’ve been empowered to overcome poverty.


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Where are they now?

Does child sponsorship work? 11 Compassion graduates share how they’ve been empowered to overcome poverty.

Do you ever wonder what your sponsored child will become when they grow up?

There are millions of powerful stories of Compassion graduates overcoming poverty that we could share with you. Here are just 11 who, thanks to supporters like you, have been empowered to overcome the cycle of poverty.

Alemayehu – agriculturalist, Ethiopia

Compassion graduate from Ethiopia


"When I joined the Compassion programme, I excelled in my education. The environment I grew up in didn’t allow me to dream big. I lived in an area where there was no one to look up to academically. Apart from the project staff who used to tell me that I can be someone, I rarely heard an encouraging word from anyone. I give thanks that I was given the education I needed to join Hawassa University to study horticulture. I prayed every step of the way and the Lord granted me my heart’s desires."


Edwin – elephant keeper at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kenya

Elephant keeper


"When I was a little boy, I was in the Compassion programme. Compassion helped take care of my physical wellbeing when I was young and they also helped take care of my feelings and emotions. And now, that’s one of my most important jobs with the baby elephants. Just like Compassion helped prepare me for adulthood by caring well for every part of my life, I now get to do the same thing for the elephants. God’s plan for my life was more adventurous than I ever could have imagined!"


Maria – nurse, Guatemala

Nurse from Guatemala


"My tutors at Compassion’s project taught me to dream and fight to reach my goals. I would not be a nurse today if it were not for Compassion. I love to be a part of the team that provides health for the people of the dumps. That's where I grew up and I thought it was my future, but Compassion rescued me from the dirt."


Jeric – Government official, Philippines 

Government official in the Philippines


"I work for the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). My role is to facilitate, oversee and delegate tasks, and manage people, resources, conflict and projects. It’s a lot of work, but I am motivated to helping the poor. The goal is to lift the people’s socio-economic status, from survival status to subsistence. Then we empower them so they can be self-sufficient. Four years ago I had a vision that I will be in politics. It was around that time when DSWD called me and to me that was a confirmation from the Lord that I could someday be a politician. I can only thank my sponsor for all the successes I have. I want to replicate what Compassion has done for me."


Tizita – sewing entrepreneur, Ethiopia

Sewing in Ethiopia


"I always wanted to learn embroidery so when the chance came at our project, I asked the project director to enrol me to the class. Years later, the skills training I attended when I was a child came to use. My old project director helped me acquire my business permit and open my shop. My hard work paid off and I was able to attract many clients within a short period of time. I reached the point where I couldn’t  keep up with the work alone so I trained three others to help me. The [Compassion] programme really helped me become a person with godly values, a person who interacts well with others and person who believes in hard work.”  


May – physiotherapist, Thailand

Child sponsorship graduate


"I work at the Rochinakarine Institute of Child Development. I’m a physiotherapist helping both younger and older patients who have mobility difficulties. When I was younger, having a sponsor enabled me to know another world. It gave me access to another world of education. I was able to learn much more than before. One memory I have is that I'd never seen the sea so Compassion organised a camp for us to see the ocean for the very first time."


Bjorn – mission worker, Philippines

Mission work in the Philippines


"With the help of Compassion, my sponsor and the church, I now have this desire to help people in need. I want to help people who are in the same situation as I was before. This is my motivation. I have a God-given passion for the lost."


Viviana – television producer, Ecuador

TV producer in Ecuador


"When I was growing up, Compassion was the buttress of our family, providing hope and a way out. We anxiously awaited project activities because we knew on those days we would eat. If it hadn’t been for Compassion, I’d never have had a spiritual life, an academic life or even food in my home. Now I work in communications. I'm starting a community television channel."


Kevin – fishmonger, Philippines

Formerly sponsored child from the Philippines


"I learnt how to work hard and be grateful to my parents from my project. I now take care of my parents and siblings, and work hard for them. My family inspires me, as well as my sponsor and church leaders. If it wasn't for my sponsor I think I would be hanging out and taking drugs like many of my neighbours."


Marc – teacher trainer, Haiti

Training teachers in Haiti


"Growing up, my parents struggled to provide for the family, and having the school fees paid on a regular basis was a big deal. I was supposed to be a cultivator, but Compassion has turned me into an educator. I was a hopeless person, but thanks to Compassion I have hope and a future. I want to use my skills to train teachers to provide good quality education to students.’’


April – social worker, Philippines

Social worker in the Philippines


“My mother and my sponsor were perfect examples of people who despite lacking many things in life, were still ready to give to other people. My sponsor was a park worker who cut the grass - he taught me so much. I am inspired to help others because I know what it is to be poor, and I know how it is to be helped. It feels good knowing that there are people who care for you, and I want people to experience that from me. As the social worker, I am in charge of all the legal matters and documentations. Every day I try to be an ambassador of God's love to children."


The Compassion programme gives children born into the vulnerability of poverty education, stability and hope. It empowers children to realise their dreams and bring change to their families and communities.


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