January Magazine 2018

Your January magazine champions the overcomer, the everyday hero who finds the strength and determination when faced with adversity. In this edition, meet courageous children like Chao and Gracia and discover what Compassion-supported children learn at their Compassion projects. Download >

July Magazine 2017

Inspired by stories of transformation and hope, July’s magazine is all about taking you closer to a sponsored child’s world. Discover what goes into a Compassion-supported child’s medical check-up and be inspired by Fefe, a teenager in Indonesia who’s been given bucket-loads of steadfast godly character thanks to her church-based Compassion project. Download

January Magazine 2017

Packed full of inspiring stories of transformation and hope, January’s magazine is dedicated to women and girls, and the issues that affect them. We meet two incredible young girls who are being released from a cycle of poverty that inflicted so much hardship on the women who raised them. Download and read >

July Magazine 2016

July’s edition of our magazine celebrates the fact Compassion-supported children are known, loved and protected.

January Magazine 2016

Be inspired by a Compassion graduate who’s now running his own business and learn why it all starts with one child.

July Magazine 2015

In this edition of the Compassion Magazine, be inspired by the power of children’s prayers and find out how sponsorship brings transformation to whole families!

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