January Magazine 2018

Your January magazine champions the overcomer, the everyday hero who finds the strength and determination when faced with adversity. In this edition, meet courageous children like Chao and Gracia and discover what Compassion-supported children learn at their Compassion projects. Download >

July Magazine 2017

Inspired by stories of transformation and hope, July’s magazine is all about taking you closer to a sponsored child’s world. Discover what goes into a Compassion-supported child’s medical check-up and be inspired by Fefe, a teenager in Indonesia who’s been given bucket-loads of steadfast godly character thanks to her church-based Compassion project. Download

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More than 280,000 children went through the Compassion programme

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250 million meals were dished up over 48 years

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Nearly 3 million health check-ups were given

India update

“On 15 March 2017, Compassion’s programmes in India will be closed. We are all deeply grieved by this and I want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who stood with us during this long and difficult journey. Compassion opened its doors in India in 1968 and we can gratefully reflect on all that’s […]

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