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Can I send my sponsored child a birthday gift?

Birthdays are a great opportunity to show your sponsored child that you care for them by sending a card and gift. We don’t want to overwhelm our children and their families, so we suggest sponsors send between €8 and €70 for a birthday gift.

Once they’re received the money, our staff will meet with your sponsored child and their family to choose the perfect gift. All gifts are sourced locally, so you’ll be helping to boost the local economy too. You may be surprised to see your gift used to buy clothes, household equipment or even livestock!


To send a gift, get in touch by emailing info@compassion.ie or calling 01 513 3719. We suggest that birthday gifts are sent three months in advance to ensure they arrive on time. If you’ve given us your email address, we’ll send you a reminder three months before your sponsored child's birthday.

If you’d like to donate money to a specific area of Compassion’s work, please visit Make a Donation.


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Can I write to my sponsored child?

Yes, please do! Children love receiving letters from their sponsors.


Can I visit my sponsored child?

Yes, you can visit your sponsored child!