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Who do you say I am?

"Then he (Jesus) asked them, 'But who do you say I am?'” Luke 9:20 (NLT)


I have personally found myself reflecting on this question a lot recently. Growing up attending church means I’ve heard the Easter story over 30 times in my life! I find it easy to voice an answer, but this year more than ever I have been reflecting on what it means to actually live out the answer instead.

Taking time this Easter to stop and read what Jesus says, does and endures on the cross, has made me realise that there’s so much more to learn about who Jesus is, when we choose to stop and see.

When I see King Jesus on the cross use what little breath he has left to pray for others, I see the truly Compassionate heart of God in human form. I’m challenged to try and love others with a deeper sacrificial love.

When I see Jesus the friend of sinners admit the thief to paradise, the redemptive power of God is displayed in a deeply personal moment. I’m reminded that there’s no situation so dark that His light cannot transform. I’m prompted to raise my level of faith and remember this in how I see the world.

When I see Jesus, the Son of God commit his spirit into his Father’s hands, I’m reminded of where life begins and ends, in the hands of the one who made our world. I’m reassured of His power and realise just how often I forget to trust.

There’s so much more; forgiveness, sacrifice, justice, triumph, revelation. All bound up in one moment, in one Man, for all time.  

So when Jesus asks “who do you say I am?”, I have come to the conclusion that it is more than words that are needed as an answer. It’s a life altering declaration. We don’t just say who Jesus is; we’re called to live who Jesus is too. 

Prayer: Father, thank you for the gift of your son Jesus, who is a constant encouragement and guide to us.  Forgive us when we fail to declare with our lives the truth of who Jesus is and help us to go deeper in our relationship with Him this Easter time and each day. Amen

By Katharine, Compassion UK


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