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Welcome to the latest Compassion magazine! This edition is filled with stories of hope as people are given a new future through sponsorship. We also inform you of how COVID-19 restrictions are impacting Compassion-sponsored children, their families and communities as well as the response from our church partners.

From extreme poverty to National Director


No running water at home. Days without food to eat. This was Tony Beltran’s reality when he was growing up.

As Tony walks the dusty streets, he recalls his childhood. Tony explains he was an ordinary child who loved basketball. He didn't think twice that his basketball was imaginary because his family could not afford to buy him one.

Watch the video to see how Tony was given new opportunities through Compassion sponsorship and how he went on to become Compassion’s National Director for the Dominican Republic.

Different Path thank you 

In Togo, five in every 100 babies don’t survive their first year of life and one in every 58 mothers will die due to complications in pregnancy and childbirth.

When the time came for Akouvi to deliver her sons, she was alone and frightened. But God heard her prayers.


Watch Akouvi’s story here and see how donations are being used to empower mothers and increase the survival rates of children in Togo.

We stop at nothing 


It is often difficult work. Made even more so by COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. But nothing will stop Compassion’s church partners from serving the most vulnerable and marginalised in their communities.

Living in extreme poverty magnifies every risk around COVID-19. This is why we’re so thankful for the dedication of every single one of our church partners who are serving tirelessly on the frontline. 

The need is great, but their desire to show God’s love in tangible ways is greater. Thanks to all who have supported our Emergency Appeal so far, and the work of our partners, families are fed, essential hygiene and protective items are distributed, and children are provided shelter.

Come meet our incredible church partners from around the world, caring for others during uncertain and difficult times.


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